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Alumni of Faculty of Mathematics and Physics / Charles University

Fulltime SW engineer @ SYSGO.

Linux userspace programming Android OSS Misc. digital hardware (hacks) Drone piloting and hacking Drums @ "Myncryst" Bass @ "What did I miss" Travelling the world OSM WikiVoyage

A simple tool (written in Mono/Qyoto) for calibrating maps (mainly) for PocketGPS-Map. Also a tech-demo of how to use Qt in C#. It is licensed under GPLv3 (or later).

Some info on how high-availability linux cluster can be accomplished

Since my lens collection got quite big (bigger than I thought I'll ever want it to be), I've decided to start a little testing - maybe it will help somebody... :-)

This program views calibrated bitmap maps on PocketPC (WinCE) platform. Additionaly it supports using GPS device to retrieve user position and show it (with other marks) in map - making it very handy for geocaching.

There were times in the past I used windows phone, good times... Here's a few tricks from those times.

Another Racing Simulator

Mines game written in Qt3

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