UniView (2003)

An (windows) universal viewer - for images, text, videos etc. A first non-trivial and long-living project I did, but unmaintained for a long time already.

Short info about UniView

  • Current version of UniView is 2.1pre
  • UniView is a normal Windows application. It looks similar to many common Win-applications, so you don't have to spend much time to learn to work with UniView... Do you want to see how UniView looks like? Check the pictures below...
  • UniView in current version supports more than 110 file formats, including the most known PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPG, PCX and also JPEG-2000! What UniView differs against other comparable viewers is that UniView supports not just graphics, but also multimedia, text and in addition binary files!
  • UniView can convert files to about 40 formats (this includes graphics and text formats)
  • UniView is able to change most types of files (generally excluding multimedia files). For example, you can change text files just like in text editor (like WordPad) or graphics files using tens of available effects...
  • UniView contains additional utilities that are extending possibilities of this program (like Screen capture, Thumbnailer, Batch conversion, Slideshow, Duplicate finder and plugin functions)
  • UniView is highly configurable: file I/O filters, program user interface, additional utilities and so on - this all enables you to make UniView the file viewer (or editor/converter) of your dreams :-)
  • UniView can be easily extended by plugins. There's also a 'Plugin SDK', which allows you to create your own plugins...
  • UniView can "talk" to you using several languages. If there isn't your language included in installation pack and you'd like to translate it, please let me know
  • UniView is able to run together with Total Commander (and some other 'commanders') - it will enable you to see many additional file formats and it can also be a good replacement for standard notepad (because using UniView you'll be able to edit almost all types of files).
  • UniView is freeware for non-commercial use! You can use it for any purpose on as many computers as you need without any payment. Of course, if you'd like to get some special services, a registration will be nice begin ;-)

Screenshots are always nice :-)

screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot screenshot

Going open-source

As I didn't develop UniView much for a few years now, I've decided I better release the sources - so that maybe sometime someone will find them useful. The sources and binaries are licensed under GPLv2, and are placed at sourceforge.net.

A few months ago I have switched to linux, so I am most probably not going to develop or maintain (=fix bugs) the project anymore... Sad news, I know, but life goes on :-)

Old (2.0) files

The previous stable version was 2.0. The current one may contain more bugs and some not complete functions, so here are the links to 2.0 components of UniView:

Program installation

Standard edition - Normal version of UniView; contains the installation of UniView, translations and some plugins...

Boss edition - this edition contains all currenty available plugins, translations & documents. This package can be decomposed into separate installers for each plugin (+UniView).

Tiny edition - The same as normal edition, excepting that some features (like french and slovak help files etc.) are not available. Useful for people, who want to have UniView as small as possible...

translation files

Using following files you can translate program to some other language than English/Slovak. It's not very hard - simply download selected language file and then unpack it to language directory of UniView. Please read this if you want to translate program to your language... translations are most likely already included in the installation of UniView, but if not - download them from here :-)

Languagelink to filetranslated by
Czechuniview_lang_cze1.zipOldich Festa
Czechuniview_lang_cze2.zipJaroslav Hoke
Frenchuniview_lang_frn.zipClaude Charries
Germanuniview_lang_ger.zipChristoph Dunschen
Polishuniview_lang_pol.zipMarcin Szalowicz
Russianuniview_lang_rus.zipOleg Zmushko
Slovakuniview_lang_svk.zipme ;-)
Englishuniview_lang_usa.zipme ;-)


Working plugins

  • UniView icon library 1.0 ( MB) - Using this library you'll be able to have one icon for each type of file supported by UniView (includes sources in C++ so you can remake your own collections :-). license: custom/open-source
  • ImageWork 1.0 ( MB) - A (currently small) set of functions extending image operation abilities of UniView. license: Freeware
  • UniView PDK 2.0 ( MB) - Plugin development kit: a package of files for developing UniView (version 1.8 or newer) plugins (this version is for C/C++). license: custom/open-source
  • Syntax highlighting ( MB) - Using this plugin, you can edit files like HTML, CPP and others with highlighted syntax!!! license: Freeware
  • Another Tetris Game 1.0 ( MB) - Classical tetris game remake for UniView (incl. sources). license: GPL
  • Helpers ( MB) - A sample plugin containing functions like copy, remove etc. Including sources! license: GPL

I/O plugins

  • UniView ECW format I/O plugin ( MB) - you must download (and install) this plugin in order to be able to open ECW files in UniView. license: freeware
  • UniView FIASCO format I/O plugin ( MB) - this file includes the plugin and it's source codes! If you want just to use FIASCO (fractal encoded images) files. license: GPL
  • UniView JBIG format I/O plugin ( MB) - this file includes the plugin and it's source codes! If you want just to use JBIG files, you don't have to download this package because the JBIG plugin is already included in standard UniView distribution. By downloading this file you get access to source codes of JBIG library used in this plugin and to sources of this plugin. license: GPL
  • UniView LuraDocument format I/O plugin ( MB) - you must download (and install) this plugin in order to be able to open LWF and LDF files in UniView. It also enables UniView to load JPEG-2000 slightly files faster. license: freeware

Unfinished plugins

  • UniView JavaScript ( MB) - This plugin enables you to use the JavaScripting for UniView ;-). Problem is, that now it's not integrated with UniView, so nothing special can be done with it. However, you can try the programming in JS and you can also see the features, that UniView might support using this technology :o) . license: freeware