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My PDA / Mobile

I'm using HTC Wizard mobile phone / PDA. Some useful informations (at least for me) are in the PocketPC section.


I'm using MSI Starfinder SF200... I've written simple (opensource) program PocketGPS-Map to do geocaching with it :-)


I've first spotted Linux in ~1998 - that time it was Red Hat and WinLinux. Nowadays I'm using linux even on my notebook - namely Kubuntu. Other distributions I use include Fedora, CentOS and SuSE.

About me

My name is Andrej and I'm currently studying informatics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles university. My personal interests are, in particular: You can reach me via email/jabber/google talk account - to see it go to web andree.sk / email.html (this is an attempt to not get too much spam).


Here is one of my photos:
You can see more of them at http://photos.andree.sk/.