Llamy (2004)

A lemmings-like game

So, this is my credit program... It's not the best program I ever made (did I ever make some good program? :), but the result is not so bad, I guess.

The game is a clone of the game, which was already available on 8-bit computers (I played it on the great ZX Spectrum ;-) - Lemmings. The only target of the player is to get a few figures (llama's) home. They have to get through hills, they have to make pits, build br /idges etc. In each level you can use just a limited amount of things; and also different numbers of llama's have to get home. The result might look like this:


I guess, it's useless now to tell you, what's the game about. But before you download it, you'd probably like to know the following: The current version of the game requires a pretty good processor - 600 MHz is a good minimum (however I 'played' also on a 400 MHz Celeron :)

And now for those, who still want to download the game:

Download binaries

Download sources

Note: if you want to compile the game, you'd need Visual C++ with SDL, SDL_Image (with JPEG, LibPNG, ZLIB), SDL_Mixer and SGE libr /aries. However, the game is pretty OS and compiler indepedent, so it should be compilable also under LiNUX and with other compilers.