Mapcalibrator.NET (2008)

A simple tool (written in Mono/Qyoto) for calibrating maps (mainly) for PocketGPS-Map. Also a tech-demo of how to use Qt in C#. It is licensed under GPLv3 (or later).

The program has been written as a project in school, so it's working and documented - though it doesn't contain much features (yet).

The basic functionality is opening a existing map (=bitmap+calibration file), update the calibration and save it back. PocketGPS-Map and GPSka map calibration file formats are currently supported. Supported bitmap formats are those supported by Qt - mainly PNG, JPG and BMP.

Currently it is possible to import a bitmap (even a sliced one), add calibration points and save the resulting calibration file. When saving to 'PocketGPS-Map' format, it is also possible to specify, whether user wants to have the bitmap saved - and whether it should be stored in one big bitmap, or sliced to smaller parts. Among with GPSka format, the big bitmap is always saved in png format.

Here is a screenshot of Mapcalibrator.NET in action: Screenshot

The code can be seen/downloaded via SVN, binary is available here