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Switzerland (2015)

Sure - it's expensive. But the beauty!

You pay for parking everywhere (oh the relief when you cross borders to Italy :) ), the accomodation at hotels and general services are stupidly expensive. Word of advice - don't cheap out on the highway toll. Navigating the country backroads is only fun the first few hours - you will get tired of the constant roundabouts.

The goods prices are pretty normal, even gasoline is not that expensive. We slept mostly in camps and also thanks to the weather, it was quite comfortable - all the camps had good services. We used the saved funds for more gasoline in the mountain passes - as have many supercar and motocycle owners, it seemed :)

And then there's the nature... There's nothing to not like about the Swiss nature. Everything's clean, preserved, well marked and accessible. Even peaks you'd normally ascend via rocky winding paths are almost prepared for wheelchair access :) Which also is the downside - we seldom felt "alone in the wild nature".