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Canary Islands (2016)

A roadtrip adventure in Tenerife and La Gomera

With the constant weather, it's possible to do anything on the Tenerife island - if you like, you can spend whole weeks in hotels, basins, zoos and water worlds. But since we didn't like the touristy cities one bit, we rather visited the nature. Highest peak of Spain - Teide, national park Anaga, hiking paradise of La Gomera island. Hiking down Teide (via Pico Viejo) and in Chamorga were truly unforgettable - just next time we have to remember to use sun cream more thoroughly :)/p>

Since it was cheaper than using the ferry, we had two cars rented at the same time to roundtrip both islands :) In any case, renting the car is not too expensive and you don't have to check when the busses go. Except when you don't do a roundtrip-hike. While the trips via highways only take about 1 hour from one side to another, once you get to the winding countryroads, don't trust your navigation - it all takes 2x as long :)

Using the car, it's very easy to visit most of the islands in ~2 weeks. Cities like Garachico, La Orotava or San Cristóbal de La Laguna are a very nice cultural rest from hiking. Enjoying the ever-changing views from the winding roads, take the short or long hikes into the misty woods (esp. in Anaga, central La Gomera and near El Cedro) or half-deserts and cliffs (Roque de Taborno, Masca), that's what we'll remember about the islands.

Most of the places we wisited are (now) desribed @ wikivoyage (La Gomera, Tenerife).